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    Since the discovery of aluminophosphate molecular sieves, designated AlPO4-n, in the early 1980s by Wilson et al. at Union Carbide, there has been much progress in the synthesis of open-framework aluminophosphates (designated AlPOs). A large number of frameworks, ranging from neutral to anionic, have been prepared. The AlPO family, with its rich variety of structural architectures, is an important one in the area of zeolites and related open-framework inorganic materials. These materials are typically prepared under hydrothermal or solvothermal conditions, and many variables affect which framework type is formed. These include the source materials, the batch composition, the pH value, the template, the solvent and the crystallization temperature and time. In this synthesis database, we have collected more than 1600 reaction data from the literature for over 200 AlPO structures. Each entry in the database includes the literature reference, and detailed information about the source materials, the template, the synthesis conditions, and the structural characteristics. This synthesis database complements the AlPO structure database (, See Other Links) that is also maintained by our group.