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Search function enables you to search for information on the following items, such as Reference, Source Materials, Batch Composition, Crystallization, and Product. To perform a general search: Enter search items in at least one fields, Use "AND"   "OR"  "+" or blank space to separate among the different keywords or phrases. and then click "Submit". 

Enter a word or phrase or more keywords to search article titles.
Example : (1)AlPO AND ATS  (2)AlPO + ATS 
Example :
(1)AlPO OR  ATS    (2)AlPO   ATS 
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Example : S.T. Wilson or Wilson
Enter an abbreviative journal title .
Example : J.Phys. Chem.
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Enter one or more full name /abbreviative name /formula of source materials .

Example : (1)Aluminium isopropoxide  (2) DPA  (3)P2O5
Enter one or more batch composition in oxide form except for template and organic solvent using full name or abbreviative name .

Example : (1)Al2O3 (2)PDA (3)1-hexanol
Enter a single value .

Example : (1)448-448 (2)448-468

Enter a single value .

Example : (1)12-12 (2)12-12

Enter an initial pH value.

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Enter a final pH value.

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Enter one or more full name /abbreviative name/formula of product to search .

Example :  (1)Magnesium Aluminophosphate-5  (2)SOD  (3) NH3(CH2)5NH3
Select one structure code from listbox. For more information about the structure code, users can visit IZA website at .

Example : AST
Enter one or more framework elements except for oxygen atom .

Example : Al,P

Enter the Al/P ratio in the form .

Example :   (1) 1/1  (2) 3/4

This refer to structural dimension, Please select one number from the listbox .

Example : 2

Enter the largest ring number in the range of 6 to 12 .

Example : 10